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Revolutionary washing technique, the water is sprayed thanks to special injectors, in this way it saves 70% of water, 50% of energy, and chemical products compared to a standard wash.

Laser machine

Designed to speed up or replace all vintage treatments on garments, this latest-generation machine is often used for placed prints or pattern repeats on fashion wear. Due to its high power and definition, it can be combined with ozone treatment for environmentally-friendly service packages, eliminating the use of chemicals.


Ozone gas (O3) is a gas found in nature and has a strong oxidizing power. Through our high-tech machines it is artificially created and gradually introduced to bleach garments with an indigo base and colored garments, without the use of water and other chemical products.

Jet dyeing

Even in the world of dry cleaners, Everest has made sure to adopt a system that respects the environment, thanks to this technology, it is possible, using an applied jet and a recovery pump, to work by saving 70% of water, energy and chemicals.

Environmental impact measurement

It's a new software designed to help Everest and the various customers to understand how much impact washing has on the environment. Through an evaluation processed with set values, a numerical rating will be displayed, in green for low impact, orange for medium impact and red for high impact.
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