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    Everest is a Laundry and Dyeing company that offers a complete range of textile treatments for the fashion sector on finished garments. Born at the end of the 70s, it has developed a remarkable range of experience that is combined with a continual development of new technologies and processes; as a result the solutions they can provide for customers are constantly evolving, keeping up with the rapid changes in style in the fashion world. A fundamental part of the added value services that Everest provide, is the specialized consultancy their own internal technical and production knowledge can deliver for customers.
  • 9.000 m 2

    9.000 m2

    of structure

    • Total employees: 80
    • Employees R&D (Research and Development): 16
    • Max number of clothing processed for day: 18.000
    • Production area: 9.000 mq
    • Foreign headquarters: Everwash - Tunisia
    • Dry cleaning: Via Pacinotti 21, 35017, Piombino Dese
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Low impact


Everest takes care of the environment, for this reason in the past few years, we created new departments with high-tech machine able to low impact washes, drastically reducing the use of water, energy and chemicals.

Research development

Our services

Laundry service

One of Everest’s largest departments, with a vast fleet of machines spanning from samples to production, it handles all types of cleaning, from...

Dye works

Built in 1994, the department is equipped with several types of machines for all types of fabric, with a dedicated laboratory for samples from 10...


A service available to customers who wish to receive garments that are ready for shipment to stores, ensuring high quality control.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of washing textiles and clothing with special machinery, using a chemical solvent other than water. It is primarily...

Trend Setting

With a constantly updated showroom and a strong focus on new trends from around the world, Everest provides advice on a variety of current trends.

Research & Development

Everest has always worked with the best machine suppliers, looking for innovation.

Manual Processing

  • Testing incoming goods

    All items received by Everest are meticulously inspected and prepared for a variety of processes.
  • Whiskering

    A process performed by hand to imitate (or recreate) a horizontal “whisker” pattern on the higher-wear area of trousers.
  • Sanding

    A vertical abrasive action performed to create an old-looking effect.
  • Eco blasting

    A natural, organic material is blasted at high pressure to recreate a worn area.
  • Ripping

    Garments are ripped by using a small sandpaper drill to create holes or worn pocket edges.
  • Spraying

    This process is performed by spraying appropriate products to add contrast to selected areas of the garment.
  • Brushing

    This is another process to add contrast to more or less specific areas using special products.
  • Final testing

    Before shipping, at the end of each treatment cycle, the garments are carefully checked and tested for tightness and tensile strength.

Full package

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    The process of Research & Development is concentrated in Italy, from the research of fabrics to the proposals of the most advanced treatments, and the creation of new patterns for finishing. Our main supplies of material come from Italy, Turkey and Japan. All prototypes and samples are created in Italy to optimize the collection development time for each customer (development of creative mood patterns, packaging, development of alternative finishing, washing and manual treatments etc) to present a refined final product. EVEREST is able to offer a finished product totally worked in Italy, or within its other facilities in Tunisia or in Pakistan. Fabric storage, both traditional and laser cutting, packaging, manual processing, printing, embroidery, washing, dyes, final finishes and quality control – EVEREST can provide it all.


    Everest S.R.L.
    • Via Ghebo 32
    • 35017 - Piombino Dese (PD)
    • Tel. +39 049 9365698
    • Fax +39 049 9366693
    • info@everest-lavanderie.it
    • Everest offers a full range of textile treatments for the fashion industry.
      Field office: Via Ghebo 32, 35017, Piombino Dese(PD)
      Tel. +39 049 9365698 - Fax +39 049 9366693

      Dry cleaning: Via Pacinotti 21, 35017, Piombino Dese(PD)
      Tel. +39 049 9365080
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